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Pink + White

Pink + White


Oil on board

12x12 with gold floater frame. Wired and ready to hang.


This painting reminds me of the color pallet of my childhood bedroom.

We move into our new house in 1976.

I had the small bedroom.  It had green shag carpet and a white canopy bed with a pink and white gingham bedspread.

It was cozy, kind of like these two in the painting.

Pink + White, the song, by Frank Ocean is one of my favorites.

The first time I heard it was on my daughter’s playlist.  It’s so smooth and easy to listen to.

He sings of sweet childhood memories, love, and life’s ups and downs.

Musicians have a beautiful way of blending so many emotions together.

My brain is wired to connect music to memories.  It’s always been the way I see the world. 

Painting for this show has given me so much peace.  I’m eternally grateful for this experience.

Music reference: Pink & White, by Frank Ocean

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