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Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever in Blue Jeans

Oil on board

6x6 with black floater frame.


I was in 7th grade when I went to my first Neil Diamond concert.


My dad was on a business trip and my mom took me with the extra ticket. 


I had basketball practice after school, and I quickly changed and anxiously waited on the front steps of Radnor Middle School and looked for our wood-paneled station wagon to pull up.


I remember getting in the car and being greeted by my mom and our dear family friend, Tom.


I could feel the excitement as we drove onto 76 east toward the Spectrum Area in Philly.


We had floor seats (WOW) about 25 rows back and the crowd was electric. I can still see the giant American flag over the stage, and after this song, everyone would cheer - ONE MORE TIME!


He sang it 7 times in a row!!!!!!


I loved singing and dancing next to my mom that night. 


She adored Neil Diamond. 


I cherish this experience with her.


A core memory that brings me back to this night every time I hear this song:


"Money talks

But it can't sing and dance, and it can't walk

And long as I can have you

Here with me

I'd much rather be

Forever in blue jeans"




Music reference: Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond.


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