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Oil on board, 8x8, Black floater frame



I grew up in a 1950’s split level house in Bryn Mawr, PA


I was 6 the summer we moved there.


It had giant windows on the first floor.  I was tall enough to see just over the windowsill.


Those windows faced the woods and it was our gateway into the world of so many different animals.


I would climb on the couch to get a good look at the pheasants, fox, raccoons, owls, hawks, deer, skunk, opossum, rabbits, chipmunks, mice, and of course, birds.


My Mom had a large rectangular bird feeder that stood outside the dining room.


The JOY she had watching the birds and yelling and tapping on the window at the squirrels when they would climb the pole and eat all the bird seed!! And of course, we loved tapping on the glass too!


I can still see her with the hose filling up the bird bath, after she watered the beautiful array of impatiens that lined the fence, and flower beds by the laundry room door.


The giant orange tiger lilies were abundant and grew out of the pachysandra in the back by the pool fence.


It was our little paradise.


I paint birds because they remind me SO MUCH of my mom.  Those tiny little creatures sharing their bold, beautiful colors, and sweet song.


But I will say, I did wonder if they ever looked at us, staring at them on the other side of the glass and think,


“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”



Music reference: Hello, Lionel Richie

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