Oil on board6x6I started cutting the grass when I was 13. It was a right of passage at our house. We had an older ride-on mower that needed the spark plug cleaned before it was run. I took pride in getting it ready and filling up the gas tank too. I got excited to hop on with my walkman secured to my my hip and favorite cassette ready to play. It would take at least an hour to get the whole yard cut. The gratification of mowing in a pattern and seeing instant progress was so rewarding.On my 16th birthday my dad surprised me with a new red Snapper mower. It was under a tarp in the car port. He handed me a key, and we pulled off the tarp. We burst out laughing - it was hillarious!This is my dad this October, making the last cut of the season. He now rides a Kubota (much larger than the little red Snapper). He takes great pride in keeping his property beautiful. It's a joy to see him out in the field, creating his masterpiece.

Last Cut of the Season


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