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Leave a Tender Moment Alone

Leave a Tender Moment Alone

Oil on board

6x6 with black floater frame.


It's a gift to get a front row seat to see one of these tiny little guys.


The last summer I spent with dad, we would visit his humming bird feeders on the front porch, and just sit quietly and wait for them to buzz over and eat.


Many times they would linger for up to thirty minutes.


Sometimes flying super close to the two of us.


A beautiful experience to witness them together.


No words between dad and I.


He'd give me the sweetest little look with a small turned up smile on one side of his mouth.


"But if that's how I feel

Then it's the best feeling I've ever known

It's undeniably real

Leave a tender moment alone"



I'm really looking forward to putting the humming bird feeders up this spring.



Muisc reference, Leave a Tender Moment Alone, by Billy Joel

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