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Oil on board, 18x12, Oak floater frame



We all come into this world with different hearts and eyes and when I was very young, I was the kid that “was in my own world” daydreaming and making up detailed, beautiful stories through imagery and color.


As I got older, I became very aware of my responsibilities with homework and chores.


I was the good kid.


A rule follower.


And it served me very well.


So many versions of myself: daughter, sister, student, employee, spouse, mother, friend, coach.


Life can be fast and furious.


A giant check list of to-dos.


But I kept an important part of me on hold.


I had an internal recording that played in my head reminding me that I didn’t have what it takes to be a painter.  It’s just what other people do. My “artist” talent was making flower arrangements and home decorating.


But that deep burning in the pit of my stomach got louder as I got older.


So, I listened.


I stepped WAY outside of my comfort zone. 


I hung up my “survival suit”.  It was the armor that kept me safe.


If not now, then when?


“So I found peace with

Who I am now

It’s the only me I’ll ever

Be, I’ve found”


So here I am.


So many times, while painting for this show, I felt so raw and vulnerable. 



Will people understand my artist process?


Will they like my paintings?


And then I realized, that its perfectly ok if my art doesn’t resonate with everyone.


It’s been healing medicine for me, and I’m just happy to share it.


Life is hard AND beautiful.


And I have found that facing my fears only leads me to freedom. 


“I found peace with who I am now”



Music reference: Peace, Ben Rector

Photo credit: @krista_c_photography

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