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Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cup

Oil on board, 18x18, Oak floater frame



When I was a freshman in high school, I went to my first keg party.


It happened to be at my house.


My brother’s mentioned a few friends were coming over – you guessed it, my parents were away.


I watched the keg come in and get iced down in the laundry room sink, and the red solo cups sat on the washer right next to it.


I grabbed one and filled it up with beer.


I was taught the art of how to hold the cup at an angle and fill it up from the tap.


Keg parties are cool!


I had a permanent smile on my face like this owl!


We played quarters and loud music.


I learned there was a lot of “close talking” as the night got going, and that there was also a lot of hugging at these things.


Although I felt HORRIBLE the next day.  I had so much fun.


Kegs and red solo cups were the staple through high school and college.


Frats had giant keg parties – cups cost three dollars at the door and we would drink unlimited beer and dance all night!


“Red solo cup

I fill you up

Let’s have a party”


Fashion in the late 80’s and early 90’s was very simple.


We wore giant college sweatshirts and turtlenecks with our high-waisted jeans.  Cute little Ked sneakers with scrunchie socks, and of course, our bangs were sprayed with just the right amount of hairspray to keep them in their permanent position.  Oh, and don’t forget the Silver City pink lipstick.


Fast forward to today, college parties have changed a bit.


Girls don’t wear giant sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and baggy jeans to parties (HAHAH). 



In fact, it’s the complete opposite.


For the most part, seltzers have replaced beer.


But the red solo cup has stood the test of time.


Fill it with soda, seltzer, beer, water or wine.


It’s become the symbol for togetherness, good times, and memory making!


“Let’s have a party.

Proceed to party!”



Music reference: Red Solo Cup, Toby Keith

Photo credit: @karl.ramsdel

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