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Oil on board, 24x24, Oak floater frame



This big fella strolled around Gooch’s beach in Kennebunk, Maine, and just stared at us.


We are so conditioned to the seagulls hunting for food, but not this guy.


His movement was slow and concise. Not wanting anything. Just being.


I studied him. The look in his eyes. His quiet deminer.


Everything felt relaxed. Everything felt quiet. Everything felt peaceful.


“That’s why I’m easy like Sunday morning.”


I named this painting after the Commodores song, Easy, because when we were little, we never missed listening to America Top 40 count down on Sunday mornings.  


Casey Kasem (the disc jockey) would do an intro to each song – a compelling story that would end just as the song would start. I remember this song was on the charts for a long time.


When it would play, the energy in our house was relaxed, quiet, and peaceful.


All these years later, this song can still make me feel this way.


“That’s why I’m easy like Sunday morning.”



Music reference: Easy, Commodores

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