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Oil on board

6x6 with black floater frame.


Yes, I had a ticket to the Era's tour this summer!!!!!! Ahhh... and it was truly UNBELIEVABLE! Not only was it a joyful day of frienship bracelet making and trading, but families, friends, and strangers became one! My younger daughter, Emily, woke up the morning of the concert and said it felt like Christmas day! I tried to take it all in, and one of my favorite memories of the day, was looking over at her, and seing the tears stream down her face and watch her sing along. This is one of her favorite songs. And this little couple embodies the energy of this sweet fairytail tune,


"Ladies and gentleman, will you please stand?

With every guitar string scar on my hand

I take this magnetic force of a man to be my Lover"


Music reference: Lover by Taylor Swift

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