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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Sowing the Seeds of Love


Oil on board

12x18 with gold floater frame. Wired and ready to hang.


It was the normal morning rush– my dad and I raced to get in the car by 8:05am. That was the latest we could leave to make it to the mini mart to grab the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper before he dropped me off (more like slow the car down to 3mph and I jump out) at the side door at high school by 8:30am. It was ALWAYS A RUSH, not a second to catch your breath.  I remember praying that the lights would stay green, and traffic would move in our favor.  Please, don’t let me be late, I don’t want demerits…

He slowed down the car to a complete stop. I unclicked my seat belt, bent over, grabbed my backpack, lacrosse stick, and duffel bag for practice.  He put his hand on my knee, squeezed it and said, I can’t believe it’s your 16th birthday.  The night you were born was so beautiful.  It started to snow, and it felt like everything was right in the world.

I started to cry.

He teared up.

He looked at me and said, stay in the car.  Let’s take the day off.

Shocked and amazed that MY dad would take a personal day and let me skip school, I nodded my head, put my seatbelt on, and off we went.

I think I was still in disbelief when we got home, I didn’t say anything. I went upstairs and got changed out of my uniform.  He called his secretary and told her he was taking the day off to spend with me.

We sat in the living room and talked for hours.

“Feel the pain- talk about it”

My parents were separating (and later reconciled)

“Open hearts, feel about it”

We had NEVER talked about what was happening.  I thought if I kept my head down, and soldiered on, it would all be fine.  

He was open, honest, and vulnerable.  

He promised me we would get through it.  

We talked about going to family counseling

“Open minds, think about it”.

THAT day was a game changer.  I no longer felt unseen.  Just loved.

It was the beginning of a whole new relationship.

It was the BEST 16th birthday present I received.

Music reference: Sowing the Seeds of Love, Tears for Fears

Photo credit: @ksaywit

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